The original intention of this website was to blog the build of my T-Rex 500L Dominator, but it’s kind of grown into an online diary of my helicopter adventures. Feel free to navigate around. 

I’ve been flying RC since 1991 and got into helicopters in 2012 with some simple fixed pitch (FP) Syma helicopters. I bought my first collective pitch (CP) helicopter from HobbyKing in August 2013. This was (and still is) a Walkera V120D02S, not a very memorable name but a great little CP helicopter to learn on, and very cheap to repair! 


Walkera V120D02S

I then bought a second-hand Align 450 DFC Plus which was a lot more helicopter for not a lot more money. The engineering was a giant leap from the Walkera and a very different machine to fly. I personally wouldn’t recommend a 450 to learn on if you have absolutely no experience with RC. The Walkera was much safer, cheaper and taught me a great deal, including respect for the machine. If I were to do it all again I’d probably buy an Align 250 as my first CP helicopter but it is a pretty squirrelly little helicopter.  

450PlusDFC RTF 500pics

Align T-Rex 450 Plus DFC

I moved up to a an Align 550L in October 2014 and the blog chartted the build and included some comparrisons to the 450, from building flying and setting up. 

If you have any questions please eel free to contact me using the contact link. 

Happy landings! ;)


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