Low level F-15Es, Mach Loop 16th Feb 2016

It was a fantastic day in the loop on February 17th, and the first low level outing with my new Sony X160.

The temperature was below freezing for the first part of the day but SHIFTY flight from the 48th Fighter Wing warmed us all up!

These jets were from the 492nd Fighter Squadron, the Madhatters based out of RAF Lakenheath in the UK.

F-15E Strike Eagle afterburner blowout on take off

Footage from January 15th 2014 of an F-15E Strike Eagle on take off from RAF Lakenheath, UK. The footage shows a dramatic AB blowout at normal speed, 30% original and 5% original.

The event itself only lasts around 0.2 seconds, the pilots reaction is fast and decisive.

Shot with a Sony HD SR11E edited in Final Cut X