Legendary low level C-17 Globemaster in the Mach Loop – 7th July 2017

We had two unbelievable passes of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III through the Mach Loop in Wales on July 7th. I’ve seen some sights through here, but this was a special one.

This is the biggest aircraft ever to do the loop, a record that will be hard to beat. This particular aircraft is from Charleston AFB in South Carolina.

C-5M Super Galaxy rapid departure from RAF Fairford – 27th May 2017

This C-5M (callsign RCH965 – 87-0036) had just offloaded its cargo at RAF Fairford before departing to a local airfield. I was expecting a flat, slow climb out, and set myself up at the 09 end of Fairford’s runway. As you can see, this particular aircraft was clearly light, and by the time it got to the runway threshold was at least 1,500ft.