Video 2 of 5 Meiringen (Day) 1 French Navy Dassault Rafales – 26th June 2017

We had some surprise visitors to Meiringen on this first day of our trip in the form of x4 French Navy Rafales.

The arrivals were shot from the south side of the base, the departures from the north where we were up close and person with some thunderous ABs. Vive la France!

x2 B-1B Lancers (MYTEE12 & 13) launch from RAF Fairford 20th June 2017

Two B-1B Lancers thunder out of RAF Fairford to return back to Ellsworth AFB in the U.S. after a few weeks on UK soil.

Fortunately they switched runways halfway through the morning which meant they were launching towards my shooting location.

Nothing overloads the senses like a B-1 in full burner. Aviation in all it’s wondrous glory.