C-5M Super Galaxy (RCH603) makes emergency landing into RAF Mildenhall – 8th June 2018

This C-5 (86-0014) was making the journey from Germany (I think) to Westover under the call sign of Reach 603 when the crew encountered a suspected hydraulic leak in flight over the northern part of the UK. Fortunately for me I was there catch it landing back into RAF Mildenhall where I sat for the remainder of the weekend.

C-5M Super Galaxy rapid departure from RAF Fairford – 27th May 2017

This C-5M (callsign RCH965 – 87-0036) had just offloaded its cargo at RAF Fairford before departing to a local airfield. I was expecting a flat, slow climb out, and set myself up at the 09 end of Fairford’s runway. As you can see, this particular aircraft was clearly light, and by the time it got to the runway threshold was at least 1,500ft.